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Catalogue Raisonné

The first of three planned volumes covering Nan Hoover's art work is now available: Leach, Dawn (2017) Nan Hoover: Catalogue Raisonné (original publication on /oops/), URN:

The e-publication contains all works in the estate of Nan Hoover. In addition, it provides a review of the reception history of Hoover's work along with biographical information and lists of publications, exhibitions and performances. Images of most of the works and some documentation are also included (courtesy of the Nan Hoover Foundation).

Download the PDF at

Video edition

A compilation of the late Nan Hoover's most significant video works from 1974 to 2002 was produced in 2009. This edition - conceived by Nan Hoover herself shortly before her death in June 2008 - is limited to 15 copies and is available exclusively to international museums and selected collectors. Exclusive DVD box with essays by Heiner Holtappels, Rob Perrée and Renate Petzinger.

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